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a tri-brained unix philosophy radical.


This is the tree you (should be) seeing now! This tree is algorithmically generated without any sort of base texture and modeled off of Inconvergent Trees, the outline is generated from a modified L-System and the shading is a stochastic process. You can find both it's source and formal description in the repo.


An encoding, decoding & utility library for S-expressions in Rust

SICP Study Guide

A SICP Study Guide With Exercise Solutions in Guile & Emacs Lisp

Conflict Free Computing 2016 Laptop Buyers Guide

A compilation of excellent laptops for developers made by firms with a strong commitment to ethically sourcing minerals used in the manufacture of electronics.


A weechat plugin to integrate Slack or Telegram gateways with the real usernames they transmit


I've written features, fixed bugs and plenty inbetween for Erlang/OTP. I've worked on a KLEE script that found several exploitable bugs as well as a custom inprocess fuzzer using clang's fuzzing framework to fuzz EPMD and the term decoding libraries. It's not all just vulnerability hunting however, I wrote a patch that permits a user to use ecdsa keys to authenticate an Erlang node rather than a single shared cookie or password.


After lots of frustration dealing with running SMTLIB2 code myself, I wrote an emacs major mode for SAT, SMT solvers with theorem proof extensions for Z3 from Microsoft Research.


A quick-n-dirty tool to translate Erlang to Elixir code


The best and only tiling window manager for Plan9. You now have absolutely no reason why you shouldn't make Plan9 your main operating system!


A classic ptrace debugger with a curses GUI.


RAR archiver files contain a prescriptive compression language intended for compressing long instruction sequences. This is an implementation of SHA3 inside of the RAR archiver's virtual machine.


Artifact is a distributed, eventually consistent database. Initially written in Erlang and rewritten in Elixir circa the v0.11 release.


btcfs is a filesystem in userspace for Plan9 that allows you (for a miniscule fee) to treat the blockchain as a just-another-fs.


To learn Elm I wrote an orbital simulation game, my friend stephen balaban later picked it up.


Zine In Progress strives to be the definitive src for the Mission District Hack/Phreak scene. Published out of the Noisebridge hackerspace collective, the idea was first concieved over late night hacking between myself and Tony LeTigre.


This is a complete x86 demo that I intended to present at Assembly 2011.


Eschewing the stylistic traditions of the torrent site genre; degenerate ranting about the moral legitimacy of internet piracy, pornographic ads and poorly disguised Trojan downloads. NXVR was made of a softer, gentler kind of downloadable content. Housed with troves of probing and ponderous philosophical texts, commercially fruitless cult classics and acclaimed relics of the past. The man later shut me down.


My first open source project complete with embarrasing mistakes and terrifically bad code! This uses patched WUSB54GS drivers and h1kar1s excellent `chop-chop` package to make one of the very first WEP crackers for Windows. Surprisingly, it lives on despite the presence of considerably more advanced tools like aircrack.